If it Doesn’t Say “Syracuse” It’s Just a “Muncie”

For several years, every four-speed assembled in our plant has shipped in a special case casting with ‘SYRACUSE’ on the passenger side. It is, and will continue to be, your assurance that the gearbox you install is 100% AutoGear in design, engineering, manufacture and assembly.

There are, however, hand selected and approved independent distributors who bring comparable skill and pride to our four-speed product, assembling gearboxes from the very same parts we use. They purchase kits we call ‘complete, knocked down’ (CKD), an automotive industry term typically used to describe complete automobile kits for assembly in export markets with local content preferences. Our program is not driven by tariffs or labor laws, but by the unusual application expertise or local support our CKD distributors provide.

Henceforth, we will be recognizing their contribution by extending our banner, ‘If it doesn’t say ‘SYRACUSE’ it’s just a ‘Muncie”, to also cover their new four-speeds, shipping ‘SYRACUSE’ labelled cases and, where necessary, upgrading the specification of their CKD’s to match our internal assemblies. WE will also be supplying serial-numbered tags carrying the ‘CKD’ identifier with each kit.


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