Inertia. In common parlance, the tendency to remain unchanged. Or doing what has always been done. Inertia isn’t threatening. Inertia doesn’t require thought. Inertia doesn’t require explanation. It’s easy, and easy is the natural state, the path of least resistance. What inertia certainly is not, however, is an urge for something better. Which begs the question, “If not for something better, why invest the hours and money to build an automobile that isn’t practical transportation?”

There is a short answer. The automobile in question, for some reason, has become a member of your family. Only the best is good enough for family and your “baby”!

At AutoGear our customers, past, present or future, are members of our Family. So, every gear, shaft or casting we design, every bearing, oilseal or snapring we purchase, is measured against a single standard: “Is this the best?”. Because if it isn’t, we’ve let our Family down.

As Chief Engineer, I also know that what is ‘best’ today will frequently not be ‘best’ tomorrow. So, we innovate, and thereby challenge inertia. As, I expect, you do every day spent in your garage.

To be the best today and better tomorrow is our motto. My guess it’s your motto, too.


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