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In January of 2023, AutoGear joined the Gear Motions family. Based in Syracuse, New York, AutoGear specializes in the efficient and economical production of low-volume, custom gearboxes, from design to delivery. With this acquisition, Gear Motions gains expertise in gearbox design and assembly, complementing our existing businesses while allowing us to provide more services and capabilities to our customers. 

AutoGear was founded in 1945 by Irving H. Sollish. Since then, it has evolved to be a premier designer and manufacturer of 4-Speed transmissions in the high-performance automobile industry. AutoGear’s transmissions are found on the streets, strips and tracks around the world including North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Whether you are looking for a gearbox for your race car, or a gear for that very special car in your driveway, AutoGear is here to help. Committed to providing outstanding quality and value.                                                                

The Head of Engineering and Design of AutoGear, George Sollish, stated that gearbox design and manufacture is a Syracuse tradition. “As the last of our respective breed, gears by Gear Motions and gearboxes by AutoGear are a natural partnership.  I am delighted to commit my energy, my creativity, and my family’s legacy to our combination.  My mission, and AutoGear’s — To Be the Best Today, and Better Tomorrow — is in good hands.”

At Gear Motions, we are recognized in the gear industry as a leading gear manufacturer, specializing in custom cut and ground gears for OEMs worldwide. Our precision gear manufacturing capabilities and services enable us to deliver quality gears to meet almost any application and the most demanding specifications. For over 100 years, we have remained true to our original vision of delighting our customers beyond their expectations. 

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