Not Your Father’s Ax

‘My Father’s Ax’ presents a logical puzzle in our understanding of identity. Over time, through use and many times abuse, items become worn and may ultimately break. We may sometimes replace items before they break to prevent them from causing more damage if they were to break.

When my father passed away, I inherit his ax. Since inheriting it, I’ve used it for many years. Over that time, I’ve changed the handle, the head, and the wedge that binds them together, yet it is still ‘my father’s ax’.

AutoGear’s flagship product is my father’s ax. After almost twenty years, with almost every part redesigned, modified and improved, it is still, in the minds of our customers, General Motors Muncie four-speed. It is arguably better made, arguably more capable, but certainly more expensive and still General Motors Muncie four-speed. We need to break this connection so that is why we call it the “Syracuse” Muncie.


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