Lightweight Maindrive Retainers

Hard anodized aluminum maindrive retainers for small flange (4.68 inch diameter) 1964-74 ‘Muncie’ and AutoGear ‘Syracuse’ four-speed transmissions are now available. These new redesigned retainers offer premium performance at a lower cost and half the weight; what’s not to love?


Original equipment technology: With minimum maindrive retainer durability, requirements at General Motors and Ford are for more shift cycles than your car will ever see and both have approved and used hard anodized 356T6 aluminum designs.

Superior installation tolerance: Aluminum bends where iron breaks, and even the best ‘Z-bar’ clutch release system side-loads the retainer tube. Our new retainer minimizes the possibility of tube failure at a fraction of the cost or weight of billet steel.

Improved clutching: Hard anodizing places the clutch release sleeve on an extremely hard and slippery surface; the tube wears less rapidly and clutching is faster with less effort.

Easier gearbox installation: Socket-head capscrews inside the flange diameter and three angled pilot ribs to guide the transmission into the clutch housing are little things you’ll appreciate under the car.

No fiber gasket: No dissimilar metals to isolate, no shear load on the gasket due to differential thermal expansion, and no unequal gasket compression to crack retainers, encourage leaks or require post assembly retorque.

Pleasing appearance: A clean, modern design that needs no protection against rust or staining.

Made in America: Engineered, cast and machined in the United States, employing American workers and protecting American intellectual property.


For 1964-74 ‘windback’ applications (original equipment style with nut-retained maindrive bearing) order kit 18-027-010-1x, supplied ready for installation with the retainer, four (4) each of the required socket head capscrews and hi-collar lockwashers. Call us at AutoGear for pricing.

For ‘oil seal’ applications (optional on AutoGear ‘Syracuse’ gearboxes or with ‘Syracuse’ gearsets with snapring-retained maindrive bearing) order kit 18-527-005-1x, supplied ready for installation with the oilseal-installed retainer assembly, four (4) each of the required socket head capscrews and hi-collar lockwashers. Call us at AutoGear for pricing.


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