Doors that don’t fit properly, headliner pulled away from the window opening and thin spots in the paint. You wouldn’t call those features and they certainly aren’t acceptable on your car. As we know, these were all features of fastest production, lowest cost Detroit manufactured car fifty years ago.

That same lack of attention to detail also gave General Motors’ M22 ‘Rock Crusher’ its legendary “whine”. If you’re only interested in that noise, our M22 gearsets are not for you. Our engineering expertise redesigned those gears and our quality muzzled it.

What you will get in our ‘Syracuse’ M22 is a gearset that is stronger, more durable and cooler running. The gearsets are available in three ratios:

The classic Rock Crusher M22 (2.20/1.64/1.27/1.00) for your 3.73:1+ rear axle gear.

The AutoGear wide M22W (2.56/1.75/1.36/1.00) for your 3.42:1 – 4.11:1 rear axle gear.

The AutoGear ultra-wide M22Z (2.98/2.04/1.46/1.00) for your 3.08:1 – 3.36:1 rear axle gear

You will also get:
1.) The ‘Muncie’ installation footprint: reuse your existing clutch, shifter and driveshaft
2.) legendary ‘Masiero’ Italian gears, rarely equaled, never bested
3.) AutoGear exclusive ‘N-series’ case system and mainshaft assembly
4.) AutoGear exclusive ‘controlled-clearance’ synchronizer assemblies
5.) Japanese Kyowa synchronizer rings, the most accurate and strongest ever offered for a ‘Muncie’-based transmission
6.) Housing, extension, endplates and midplates cast and machined in the US with aircraft grade aluminum

Built on the AutoGear N-series foundation.

  • Choice of: 10- or 26-spline input
  • Choice of: 27- or 32-spline output
  • Choice of: AutoGear designed “Roller 1st” or polished and grooved 1st gear bushing
  • Choice of: 7- or 8- tooth speedometer gear (passenger side only)
  • Suitable for musclecars, hotrods and classics; most applications under 500hp/tq, for track use, typically under 500hp/tq – contact us for details
  • Each M22-series transmission is custom built to order.

Not sure which ‘Syracuse’ you need? Submit an ‘EZ-Spec’. We’ll respond with a personalized recommendation.

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