M22-series – $2,889

The classic Rock Crusher M22 (2.20/1.64/1.27/1.00) for your 3.73:1+ rear axle gear.

The AutoGear M22W  (2.56/1.75/1.36/1.00) for your 3.42:1 – 4.11:1 rear axle gear.

The AutoGear M22Z (2.98/2.04/1.46/1.00) for your 3.08:1 – 3.36:1 rear axle gear.

Built on the AutoGear N-series foundation.

  • Choice of: 10- or 26-spline input
  • Choice of: 27- or 32-spline output
  • Choice of: AutoGear designed “Roller 1st” or polished and grooved 1st gear bushing
  • Choice of: 7- or 8- tooth speedometer gear (passenger side only)
  • Suitable for musclecars, hotrods and classics; most applications under 500hp/tq, for track use, typically under 500hp/tq – contact us for details
  • Each M22-series transmission is custom built to order.

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