There is No Second

Challenged to race Britain’s finest yachts, in 1851 schooner America sailed to England where, much to the watching queen’s disappointment, America was first to finish. Victoria then asked, “But who is second?” The reply? “Majesty, there is no second”, the gap between victor and vanquished being so great. During the final leagues of that famous race America raced only against herself.

We also don’t race against our competition! Where they cut corners to offer the lowest possible price, we design, build and support every AutoGear product as if the automobile it will serve was our own. Our products cost a little more, but isn’t your pride and joy worth it? As the old proverb states, “You get what you pay for” and isn’t your baby worth it!?!

Our mission? To be the best today and better tomorrow.

We are humbled by your confidence.


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